Best Ultrasonic Cat Repeller to Scare off Cats

With an estimated 9 million felines living in the UK today, there can be no denying that we are a nation of cat-lovers.

Moggies make wonderful pets, but unfortunately they can also be something of a nuisance with their tendency to pay unwelcome visits to neighbouring gardens…

Being clever animals, cats know better than to foul on their own doorstep – instead they will happily conduct their business in someone else’s backyard.

Not only does this leave a nasty smell, it is also extremely unhygienic (particularly significant if you have kids) and makes lawn mowing a thoroughly onerous task.

If fouling wasn’t enough, cats will also scare off any birds and other wildlife from your garden, as well as endangering the lives of pond fish and generally making a mess of flower beds and borders.

If this sounds all too familiar, then perhaps it’s time you invested in an ultrasonic cat repeller!

Ultrasonic cat repellers offer a low maintenance, harmless, clean and effective method of deterring cats from intruding on your garden.

These clever devices work by emitting a high pitch sound that only cats can hear, the sound being so unpleasant to feline ears that they have to find somewhere new to foul, hunt and feed!

If you have had enough of the local cats spoiling your garden then fear not – there are a number of good quality ultrasonic cat repellers available to help solve this problem.

This web site explores the features to look for in these brilliant gadgets, as well providing some useful buying advice for anyone looking to tackle those pesky moggies – once and for all!

Features of Ultrasonic Cat Repellers

What to look for

ultrasonic cat scarerUltrasonic cat repellers come in a range of different shapes and sizes, but what features do you need to look for to ensure you get the most out of your device?

Before you jump in and buy one of these products, please take into consideration some of the following points – the range of the repeller, does it have a motion sensor, how it’s powered, what animals it affects and how it is installed.

One of the main considerations is the range.

This can vary from one device to another, with some of the more powerful repellers covering as much as 200 square meters.

Most sonic animal scarers will cover an arc of space around 90 degrees wide, though some more advanced devices have more than one speaker, giving them as much as 180 degree coverage.

The sensor in an ultrasonic can repeller is also of prime importance.

Some devices don’t operate on a sensory basis; they simply emit an ultrasonic noise 24 hours a day.

Whilst this will deter cats effectively, the batteries will run down quickly.

The most popular devices are designed to emit a burst of noise when they sense some movement; this is considered a superior method given that it provides more of a shock to an animal and prevents them from becoming used to the sound.

Some devices are more advanced still, with an infra-red motion sensor that only responds to the movement of a warm body.

Another point of consideration is how a cat repeller is powered.

Most of these gadgets are battery operated, which is a straightforward approach and obviously avoids the need to plug anything in.

However, if you do want to set your cat repeller up on a permanent basis, and don’t want the hassle of changing batteries, there are some devices that come with an optional power adapter.

Do bear in mind though; it will either need to be plugged in indoors or into a specialised weatherproof outdoor plug set up.

Finally, how will you install your cat repeller?

Most ultrasonic cat repellers have one of two options – either they come with a stake so you can stick it straight into the ground, or they come with fittings so you can attach them to a house or garage wall.

Some high quality devices come with both options – the choice is yours.

Recommended Ultrasonic Cat Repellers

PestBye Cat Repeller

This product is Amazon’s most popular sonic cat repeller – we recommend that you click through and read some of the reviews.

PestBye Cat Repeller


Simply stick the repeller into the ground with the stake provided, or screw it to the wall and away you go.

This animal repeller is also effective for dogs and foxes, but doesn’t affect birds. It is fully waterproof and will last 3-4 months on one set of batteries.

For more information, reviews and latest price go to

Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller

This sonic cat repeller offers a simple, clean and safe way of keeping unwanted cats out of your garden.

mega sonic cat repeller

The device incorporates an infra red detection system that monitors a 98 degree arc and gives out a burst of ultrasound when it detects movement.

This repeller is powered by two 9 volt batteries.

For more information, reviews and latest price go to


Gardman Sonic Cat-Gard

This ultrasonic cat scarer gives out a burst of high frequency noise that is inaudible to humans, but will certainly scare away any unwanted felines.

Gardman Sonic Cat-Gard


Place this device in your garden to protect your fish, garden birds and local wildlife.

With one of these cat repellers in use your garden will be clean and cat free in no time – these devices can protect an area of up to 200 square metres more info


Defenders Mega Sonic Dog and Cat Repellers

These Ultrasonic Dog and Cat Repellers give out a powerful burst of high frequency noise in response to movement.

Defenders Mega Sonic Dog and Cat Repellers


This system has proven to be effective for deterring cats, dogs and foxes without causing them any harm.

The twin speaker system means that these animal scarers can cover an 180 degree area.

For more information, reviews and latest price go to


PestBye Cat Scarer

This cat scarer from PestBye is a tried and tested product that is proven to deter cats from entering your garden.

PestBye Cat Scarer


The ultrasonic noise it emits cannot be heard by humans, but will harmlessly discourage cats from coming anywhere near.

If you are tired of clearing up after local cats then this sonic repeller is a great investment.

For more information, reviews and latest price go to


BGSL Super Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

This top of the range cat scarer is incredibly effective and worth every penny.


BGSL Super Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

The device gives out powerful bursts of ultrasonic sound and flashing strobe lights that cats, dogs, foxes and squirrels will avoid.

This really is one of the best sonic animal repellers on the market – feel free to click through to Amazon and check out the numerous positive reviews.

For more information, reviews and the latest price go to


How They Work

Ultrasonic cat repellers explained

Ultrasonic cat repellers work by emitting a burst of high pitched noise that is uncomfortable to cats.

Once a feline sets off one of these devices the shock will cause them to leave the area in a hurry.

One of the great benefits of these devices is that they are simple, clean and are completely undisruptive to humans.

Cats do have a similar hearing range to humans on the lower end of the scale, but they can hear much higher frequencies than us.

Cats are able to pick out noises up to 64 kHz, which is 1.6 octaves above the range of human hearing.

Sonic cat scarers emit a sound that falls into this higher range, meaning that humans can’t hear it – but cats can.

Over time, in response to setting off the cat repeller on numerous occasions, cats become conditioned to not enter your garden at all.

This learned avoidance is one of the greatest aspects of sonic repellents – once you get to this point, your garden will remain free of cat waste naturally and with no additional effort on your part.

Now that you know how these devices work, there is only one thing left to do – buy your own!

Why Use an Ultrasonic Cat Repeller?

Reasons to ward off cats from your garden

Cats are quite simply the most popular pets in the world, offering companionship whilst being independent and relatively low-maintenance pets.

Unfortunately, their tendency to roam around freely can also lead to problems – specifically for neighbours who would prefer not to have them in their gardens!

There are a number of reasons for investing in an ultrasonic cat repeller to keep unwanted cats out of your garden, with fouling probably top of the list.

Cats are well-known for only fouling on other peoples’ gardens, and anyone who has tried to mow a lawn littered with cat faeces will know what an unpleasant experience it can be…

Cat’s mess also smells bad and is extremely unhygienic.

If you have young children then it is particularly important to make sure cats are not fouling on your lawn or any other areas in which they might play – such as sandpits.

Cats are also a menace to the wildlife in your garden.

Research suggests that they are responsible for around 65 million wild bird deaths each year, as well as killing small mammals such as voles, mice and shrews.

If cats are freely entering your garden then you’ll no doubt find the remains of a poor unfortunate bird or animal from time to time, and any wildlife will ultimately be driven away if this is allowed to continue.

A cat repeller will enable you to ward off any unwelcome felines and make your backyard a sanctuary for birds and wild animals alike.

And it’s not just wildlife at risk – if you have a pond in your garden then you will no doubt appreciate the threat cats can pose to the fish swimming around in it!

Setting up an ultrasonic cat repeller nearby will help to ensure that any local moggies will go elsewhere in search of their next fishy snack.

Cats are even responsible for causing untold damage to gardens, ruining carefully maintained flower beds, lawns, borders and vegetable patches up and down the country…

If you take pride in your garden then a cat repeller will deter your neighbour’s moggy from making any unwanted alterations to it!

Cat repellers compared

Why ultrasonic repellers are best

Given the many reasons listed above for keeping cats out of your garden, it is no surprise that numerous products are available to help deter those pesky moggies.

So how do ultrasonic cat repellers compare to the alternatives?

There are various cat repellents on the market, ranging from crystals to granules and gels to sprays.

These represent a cheaper option, and can be extremely effective; however, they require regular reapplication to ensure their effectiveness, and the smell they generally give off (to deter cats) can be a bit unpleasant to human as well as feline noses!

Ultrasonic cat repellers are clean, odour-free, low maintenance and eco-friendly in comparison.

Fence and wall security spikes are another option for keeping unwelcome cats out of your garden.

Attach the spikes to the top of your garden wall or fence and they supposedly should prevent felines from gaining access to your backyard.

The concept sounds good, and burglars will probably be deterred, but cats are far more agile (and clever) and there are plenty of reports suggesting that these spikes can be negotiated by our nimble feline friends…

Other products on the market include cat repeller rods and even cat scares (scarecrow-style cat models complete with reflective eyes!), but these options also seem rather hit and miss in comparison to the more reliable ultrasonic repellers that are available.

Whilst they are a more expensive choice, they are much more likely to deter those unwelcome cats than the cheaper alternatives – and let’s not forget they will cause no harm in the process.

Questions About Ultrasonic Cat Repellers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ultrasonic cat repellers scare off other animals?

Whilst these products are designed specifically for deterring cats, a number of them will also ward off other animals – such as foxes and dogs (both of which pick up on similar frequency levels to cats).

Some repellers can even be adjusted to target different animals. Please note that they won’t scare off the wild birds from your garden!

Will I be able to hear the ultrasonic cat repeller?

If your repeller is working properly then the sound it emits should be of a frequency that is only audible to feline (or canine) ears. So cats will be treated to a loud and irritating noise whilst humans won’t hear a thing!

The sound won’t travel through walls, so if you have a dog (for example) in the house it won’t be affected.

What range do ultrasonic cat repellers cover?

This will vary from one repeller to the next. To understand the range, you need to know the distance the repeller will reach along with the arc it will cover.

A typical cat repeller will reach a distance of around 10 metres, with an arc of around 90 degrees – an adequate range for most gardens.

How quickly will an ultrasonic cat repeller work?

If you have regular feline visitors to your garden, it may take a few weeks (perhaps even a month) before they seek an alternative location.

Do ultrasonic cat repellers work?

Animal behaviour is impossible to completely control and predict, and as such there can be no guarantees that an ultrasonic cat repeller will work for you.

Cats are notoriously elusive animals, and no two cats are the same… also don’t forget that cats can become deaf with age!

Our advice is to purchase a good quality device and give it a try – there is plenty of evidence to suggest you will soon be enjoying a feline-free garden!

We are now well into grass cutting season, and – let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than plowing through some freshly laid cat faeces when you are mowing the lawn!

Thankfully, an ultrasonic cat repeller will help to ensure that your lawn remains free of cat’s mess, making lawn mowing less of a chore and more of a pleasure.